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St. Patrick's Day Bundle

Holiday Crafts and Projects

What comes to your mind when you hear the word holidays? It is excitement, enthusiasm, anticipation with a sense of festivity and celebration. However, all the anticipation and excitement turns into disappointment and gloominess once you run out of ideas regarding what to do and what follows is a cloud of boredom and misery. Well, the good news is that you are not the first or the only one encountering disappointing holidays. Lots of people have spent time for the discovery of a remedy to this problem and have come up with the magic solution: holiday crafts and projects.

Why are holiday crafts and projects important?

We have all heard of the phrase ‘Time is Money ‘but not all of us realize the value of time that may be wasted during the holiday season wondering what to do. Of course, holiday, in its true sense, is meant to break you away from your repetitive and hectic routine, which gives rise to the conundrum of how to make the most of your time while moving away from your daily routine. Crafts and projects emerge as an effective answer to the conundrum as they enhance social, personal and cognitive skills. Some of the benefits they provide are:

• Encourage visual processing skills

They demand attention to patterns and sequences which helps to enhance observation skills which are extremely useful in other walks of life as well.

• Improved fine-motor skills

Most crafts and projects require movement which improves the crafter’s fine motor skills.

• Challenge executive function skills

Crafting improves focus and memory, two abilities that are critical both in school and life.

• Fosters bonding and teamwork

It is an ideal activity to induce teamwork within a child’s system from an early age and also acts as an activity for parent and child.

• Increases self-esteem

The feeling of successfully completing a task acts as a confidence booster for the person.

• Stimulates creativity and imagination

It promotes critical thinking and innovation which is of great importance in later stages of professional and personal life.

Categories of holiday crafts and projects

Holiday crafts and projects are applicable to all age groups with their level of complexity varying accordingly. Knowledge of various types of crafts is important to ensure that you associate yourself with the right type. Some of the categories in which crafts may be divided are given below, along with a few of the ideas for you to get started.


It includes crafts involving the use of fabric. Examples include knitting, weaving, dyeing, etc.

1. Punch Needle Coasters

These coasters are like mini rugs for your warm cup of hot cocoa or coffee. They can be made very easily and are an excellent representation of your skill. Further, you can make coasters that feature a Christmas tree, reindeer, snowflake, gingerbread man, or wreath.

2. Rainbow Ornament

Made of yarn, cotton rope, beads, and wooden letters, this elevated rainbow Christmas ornament is very pleasant to look at. Moreover, the making of the ornament is very simple with detailed instructions available on the Internet.


Kids are often introduced to paper crafts as their first form of crafts which further evolves into arts such as calligraphy and papermaking.

1. Gold Paper Fern Wreath

This wreath literally looks like it's made of solid gold—but it's actually made using metallic gold paper, wire, and also a grapevine wreath. Such a beautiful object made from something as common as a paper.

2. Colorful Garland

Grab some construction paper in fun, vibrant colors, and then cut out some shapes. Glue them together and hang them from your garland to give it a fresh, personal touch. To make it all match, also tie a ribbon in a corresponding color around the end of the banister.


Fabricating any project keeping its functionality in mind falls under functional crafts. A lot of the crafts from other categories fall under functional crafts as well.

1. Scrap paper bowls

Pieces of scrap paper may be used to make lovely Scrap Paper Bowls. The process of making these is good fun. Further, what makes it all worth it, aside from the massively glorious sensory experience is the longevity of these bowls! They will last forever!

2. Vegetable stamped bags.

You can use vegetables (or fruits) you probably already have around the house to make shopping bags that you can take anywhere. Further, they are extremely practical and pleasant to look at.


Any object made with the purpose of being used as a fashion item for the human body may be categorized under fashion crafts such as jewelry, hats and leatherwork.

1. Bracelets

Utilize the resources at home to make something as fashionable as bracelets. You no longer need to spend money on jewelry just use your creativity and give yourself a present.

2. Seashell paper earrings

Can you believe that we can make earrings from paper? They’re affordable, lightweight, and also you won’t have to worry they’ll break easily!


Any craft associated to furniture making, metalwork, glass work, etc lie under decorative crafts.

1. Vase

Simple things can do wonders such as simply tying a rope around an ordinary vase turns it into an extraordinary item of home decor.

2. Half-Painted Art

Get a yard-sale item and turn it into a piece of art. Paint it in half with vibrant colors and give your house a premium look.


Professional projects are meant for students above high school level which are targeted at addressing any existing problem and applying academic knowledge to solve the problem.

1. Fire sensor

This mini project is an ultra-sensitive fire sensor that activates an alarm when it detects fire. Further, thermistor based fire alarms work well when the thermistor is in close vicinity. In this circuit, a sensitive PIN diode is used as a fire sensor for longer-range fire detection.

2. LED-Based Emergency Light

White LEDs are replacing the conventional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs due to their high-power efficiency and low operating voltage. We can utilize these optimally for emergency lamp and also as a vehicle turning indication.

For more fun Ideas that your kids will love, click here!

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