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1st Grade

Are you preparing your child for the first grade? Math can be especially challenging for young minds, but the right pre-first-grade education program can make all the difference.

Getting your child ready for first grade math should be one of your top priorities — and Super Science Squad is here to help! Our 1st Grade Pre-Math course introduces students to the math lessons covered in first grade curriculums, so you can give your child a head start on day one. Read on to learn more about our first grade math prep course, and sign up today!


Prepare Your Child For The Math Curriculum

First grade math can be a challenge for a lot of children. In fact, even the most dedicated parents — those who break out the workbooks at home and put in the time to prepare their children — often discover that their kids are only ready for the first couple of weeks of math class.

1st Grade Pre-Math course from Super Science Squad was designed to familiarize your child with all of the subjects covered in first grade math curriculums, keeping your student ahead of the pack all year long.

No Outdated Workbooks

If you’ve prepared a child for first grade before, you know how much time and effort it takes to find the right learning materials for your learning sessions. Elementary education is always evolving, and keeping up with the changes is a tall order for any parent. With the 1st Grade Pre-Math course from Super Science Buddies, you can rest assured that your child is covering all of the mathematical principles and skills needed to excel in any 1st grade curriculum.


Online Courses

Prepping your child for first grade is one of your highest priorities, but it’s not your only one. The 1st Grade Pre-Math curriculum is easily accessed through our online portal, so you can study anywhere, anytime. No more lugging around workbooks and supplies, no more losing track of where you left off after your last lesson — just easy, focused learning for your first grader.

Quality Instruction

The 1st Grade Pre-Math course uses a comprehensive approach to instruction, blending challenging worksheets with video lessons and in-depth video breakdowns that walk students step-by-step through each lesson. All lessons are led by Brooke Stevens — a world class instructor, children’s author, and mother of three young boys — and are structured to accommodate a wide range of learning styles. Ready to prepare your child for first grade math? Sign up today!

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