You need time for you!

Did you know that taking just 15 minutes a day to pause the madness and focus on yourself can make you happier and healthier. A happier and healthier you, means a happier and healthier household. Your family often feeds off your energy. If you are frustrated, they become frustrated. If you are relaxed, it helps them relax. are you getting the picture?

I know we can't be happy and carefree all the time, but knowing that we can better our environment makes it worthwhile. Did I mention that during the 15 minutes of time to focus on yourself you should put down all electronics. YES, you heard me. Time to focus on YOU does not mean focusing on your social media and your emails!

It means doing something that puts a smile on your face, something that relaxes you, or something that fills your heart. It can be as simple as looking through a photo album and appreciating memories. If it fills your body with peace and joy, then mission accomplished!

During the pandemic, this has never been more true. We need to take a moment for ourselves. Surrounded by kids that are getting cabin fever, and snuggled in our reflex coma, we forget that our body needs more. Our mind needs more.

Personally I struggle in knowing that my kids need me and I need to be there for them during this time. I need to keep them busy and entertained, and educated, and healthy, and, and, and. In all honesty, those things are important, but if I don't take time for myself, then the time I spend with them doesn't do what I intend. My frustration goes up, and my patience goes down... which makes for a bad combination. Making time for ones self allows us to regain balance.

It is okay for kids to be bored. It is okay to allow them to entertain themselves. It is okay. That is what it comes down to. Allowing everyone to have their own times, is actually better for the whole family.

Life is hard, and the truth is that much of the time we feel pressured to do everything and be everything. The most important things get lost, and that is you! Your mental health. Your well being. You deserve to be a priority too.

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