Save Money and Go Green with this Detergent

It you haven’t tried this amazing detergent, you should! Especially in these uncertain times, where we all need to think about our planet and about our pocketbook. This detergent has been around for 30 years. MelaPower by Melaleuca the Wellness company has mastered how to clean clothes without harming the environment. This small bottle is shipped to you, but it’s small size is very misleading. This small bottle does 96 loads of laundry! Proctor & Gamble and other such manufacturing companies have fooled the public into thinking you need a ton of laundry soap for every load of laundry. I find it shocking that they actually charge people to buy water with a just a little soap. Can you believe that. That's right, 60% of what they sell you and charge you for shipping is water. My washer adds water so I would rather save on the shipping and cost by cutting the water. The best part of Melaleuca's Melapower is that it does NOT cost more than Tide either. Melaleuca can do almost double the number of loads with one bottle. Yep, that small bottle does twice as many kids as the big one you are buying. I've found MelaPower to be consistently less costly. Cleans great, smells great, and cost less. How can you go wrong.

I only have one negative thing to say about Melaleuca's MelaPower 6x is that you can't get it anywhere else. I have lots of positive comments.! 1) As I mentioned, you don't have to worry about there being any water added to it. 2) It’s not heavy. 3) It is compatible for GE washing machines. 4) One little bottle will last you 2 months 5) It is eco friendly. 6)Melaleuca has removed harsh chemicals and lessened it’s carbon footprint 7) It works wonders for babies and people with sensitive skin

Truth be told, you won’t know until you try. I prefer the mountain fresh, but I have been wanting to branch out and try the Hawaiian, I hear great things about the Hawaiian scent. If you are looking to save money and go green with your laundry, then there is no product that can compete.

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