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I constantly hear about the connection between toxic products and illness, including cancer. Having kids there was always this voice in the back of my head saying I should be more cautious, but to be honest... kids are exhausting and expensive. It was so easy to just grab Johnson & Johnson shampoo along with other products that I had heard were unsafe, but with no certain evidence and a need to just get through each day I tossed the dice.

The busier life became, the more I began shopping online. Amazon became a go to. Little did i know that third party sellers are swarming all over Amazon. I had no idea that the products could be very good fakes from China. I learned that the makeup and skincare products were almost impossible to tell apart. The packaging is so close to the real deal. So while i think i am buying MAC or Maybeline, I'm actually purchasing an EXTREMELY toxic and unsafe version from China. This is when I truly felt defeated. What on earth was i putting in the bodies of my loving family.

On my search for a way to protect my family from the toxic products flooding the world I found Melaluca. (it's a weird name, I know) This company makes all their own products. Melaluca make them healthier, cheaper, and more effective than those products I was buying at the grocery store and online. They made a promise to their customers to make their homes a safer place.

I started out a little skeptical. The products are NOT fancy, but they sure DO work. From sunscreen, to floor cleaners, to makeup and shampoo... my house slowly transformed to a greener, healthier home where I felt confident my kids and my husband were safer than they had been in the years before. Oh, and an added bones is they offer tons of ways to earn FREE products and and even money. Think about it like this. What if Amazon had offered people money for referring their friends to be a part of Amazon prime. Ya... i would be a gazillionaire! And not only that, what if every time those people you referred ordered you got a credit? I mean EVERY order! That's what Melaleuca does. So now not only do I take advantage of the savings they provide, but I also get money and credits. Basically my products are free now. Imagine that! just by referring people you can start getting your non toxic, top of the line products for free.

well, that is what I have done. I was never a coupon clipper, but now I feel like one. I get hundreds of dollars in household products for free, and so do my friends.

This is just the beginning... join the Melaleuca way of shopping and you will be amazed at how it changes your life for the better.

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