Going Green

It's hard and very intimidating to make the change to a greener, healthier home. There are so many questions... What products do I use? Where can I get a great deal? How do I know they are truly Green? What is the best deal? Well, the honest answer is research! You have to research the companies you buy from and ensure they are up to the standard you are hoping for. Many of the products that are so called "Green", are not truly improving the health of your home, and others are not going to be as effective as your prior products. (which is when many people get frustrated and return to the toxic brands)

Personally I found a brand of products that covers all the bases, manufactures their own products with a guarantee for their health and their effectiveness, and offers great discounts. (going green doesn't have to cost more) This was the easiest and most trustworthy way for me to shop Green.

I'm sure there are other great brands out there, but personally I want all my products in one place and shipped to my house. I like easy! I have 3 kids and my choice to go Green didn't mean I wanted to make my life more difficult, in fact, when I found this company it turned out that they actually made my life easier.

"What is easier than having your household necessities delivered to your door?"

Now remember, I am simply sharing what has worked best for me and my family. If I can help even one family to go green and love their products, then I will be happy!

Since 1985 this company has been helping people to reach their goals of having a Green Home! As the largest Wellness Shopping Club, they have over 1 million shoppers every month, with a 95% retention rate... so basically their customers love them! With over 400 products to choose from and amazing discounts and specials every month, they make it possible for shoppers to save money while eliminating the toxins from their home.

As an independent shopping club that doesn't sell their products to retailers, they can save you money by avoiding the middleman. BUT, they also know their products need to be AMAZING if they want their customers to switch over. For me, this was a huge factor in choosing my Green products. I wanted the products to be as effective or more effective than the toxic brands I had been using. Every product I have used has matched or exceeded expectations.

I know you probably have tons of questions and I probably don't have all the answers, but if you click HERE then you can do your research and have all your questions answered to help you decide if this is the right way for your family to go Green.

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