Are you FEEDING the Disease?

Our bodies are pretty amazing, but that doesn't mean that we don't need to help our bodies out. There are tons of products that are filled with ingredients that are difficult for our bodies to break down... and I don't just mean food. Many products are absorbed through the skin and they can affect our bodies just as much. This can be lotions, makeup, cleaning products, shampoos, soaps, and more.

The truth is that we can't be too sure these days. Companies are bending the rules, so you really have to do your research. Have you bought any of these types of products on Amazon? I have, and back then I had no idea of the danger I was putting my body and my children's little bodies in. Did you know that there are thousands of knock-off products from China that are being sold on Amazon? Their packaging is almost impossible to tell from the original name brands. If you end up using the knockoff, then it has no standards to abide by. It could and likely does contain lead and other dangerous products

The only way to be certain your products are to standard is to research the company you are buying from and purchase from them directly. Unfortunately as more and more companies are going online and using third party sellers, the bigger this problem will become.

Personally I switched to brands that i KNOW are giving me healthy, clean products that are going to truly keep me and my children safe. I use a discount company that has the same standards I do and they live by a guarantee. It can be expensive to buy healthier and greener products, so the fact that I am saving money is such an amazing aspect of my new greener lifestyle.

We are only on this earth for a brief time, but I want to be the best me and provide the best for my family while I am here.

If you want to learn more about going green and saving money in the process, click here. If I can change one life and help one family to become happier and healthier, then my heart is full! Give your body the opportunity to be amazing by giving it the best. You deserve the best!

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