A Day At The Zoo!

I wrote this article before the pandemic, and now I wonder if the world will ever be this simple again.

A trip to the zoo can be an amazing family day that will never be forgotten. The animals are cute and cuddly, but also also filled with thousands of germs!

Feeding the animals, climbing the fences, enjoying the wonder and excitement, the last thing kids are thinking about is their health. Their health is our job as parents, but unfortunately a bubble isn't a viable option. I personally turn to hand sanitizer, but unfortunately most sanitizers are filled with high levels of alcohol. To keep my children safe from germs and toxins I found Clear Defense Hand Sanitizer is a much safer product for my adorably filthy children. It kills 99.9% of germs, even at the zoo, to keep my kids safe and give me peace of mine... without the toxic chemicals.

Why is it that the most fun places are also the most germ filled places?

Next on our list of trips is the Safari Park. I feel this sanitizer is going to come in pretty handy on this trip. We are looking forward to feeding the birds and the monkey, plus the new exhibit with the Wallabies should be very exciting, but these are not sanitary adventures! Here's to staying happi and healthy on our trip!

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