Meet Brinkley, Bella and Mason. The three young scientists go on magical journeys in their children's books. Each journey teaches children about helping others and also teaches about science.

The Super Science Squad uses science to create solutions to problems that they face on their journey. At the end of each book, the reader gets a instructions sheet that allows the reader to conduct these experiments at home. 

The adventures don't stop there. The Super Science Squad has an awesome kids club that kids can join. As members of the club they are given fun and exciting experiments, projects, and they can even enter into contests for prizes and more.

Get your kids excited about reading and learning by joining the Super Science Kids Club.  

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Ready To Do A Science Experiment?


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Steve Colins

"This clever series brings magical adventures and education together. It's easy for the kids to enjoy."

Oct. 12, 20219


"It's a winner - really great pick for a kid gifts. Five out of five stars for sure!"

October 24, 2019

Czarina Le Tran

"A new twist on elephant toothpaste. It's a great science book to add a story to the popular science experiment everyone is making."

October 30, 2019

Child Safety


All science experiments should be supervised by an adult. Please ensure a safe and clean environment before beginning an experiment!

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